Fury to hit Howard’s

Mike Robinson and Mike Robinson

Toledo based band We Are The Fury is headlining a show at Howard’s on Saturday night.

“We like playing around home because we find the biggest fans of our band,” Jeremy Lublin said, lead singer of We Are The Fury. “There’s something about playing in the Midwest. People just come out to have a good time.”

And people came out to have a good time when We Are The Fury went on the road with the Warped Tour this summer.

“We were on the road for two months, but it felt like two years,” Lublin said.

Performing at Howard’s will be a welcome change of pace to strenuous life on the road for Lublin.

Accompanying We Are The Fury at Howard’s will be The Devil and The Executive, Rediscover, and The Tapes.

Mark Dally and Brett Horner, of The Tapes, are BGSU students and are also looking forward to the upcoming show.

“All of us grew up in Bowling Green,” Dally said. “It seems as though Bowling Green changes into a different town when the students are here. There are just way more people that we could be playing music for.”

Both bands couldn’t be performing at a better time. Since students have recently moved back, both bands are hoping for a big turn out at the event.

“I really like playing in small bars with the crowd right near the stage,” Lublin said. “Howard’s has a sense of realness to it.”

Above all else, both The Tapes and We Are The Fury are interested in performing for an audience.

“Our ultimate goals are to make music that glorifies the things we believe in and make music that we enjoy to perform,” Dally said.

The doors open at 9 a.m. and cover will be collected at the door. The concert is scheduled to last until 2 a.m.