Restaurant once housed dance club

Imagine arriving at the hottest dance club in town. The atmosphere is full of excitement and thrill, fueled by that unmistakable feeling of energy most of us college students experience on a weekly basis when going out for a

good time.

This description would most likely have been suitable when describing the Dixie Electric night club and bowling alley that stood on Route 25 in the late sixties to early seventies in Perrysburg. Now fast forward a couple of centuries, and Maggie’s Family Dining and Creative Foods stands in the shadows of where those very memories of entertaining nights were

once held.

Founded 10 years ago by owner Margaret Roller, Maggie’s is just one of those places that immediately make you feel at home. Instead of the sounds of bowling pins, loud music, and large crowds, the clanking of dishes and silverware mixed with friendly chit-chat can be heard. Those very noises can be calming to the senses, along with the recurring theme of floral decorations seen throughout the diner. This dimly lit restaurant is just the right size – it is not too small, and not too large, which greatly contributes to the cozy atmosphere.

By far, the best component about Maggie’s is that it is affordable. There is no need to worry whatsoever about burning a hole through one’s wallet. If anything, the fulfillment of eating a home cooked meal, along with a good price range should encourage you to dish out a little bit more in order to experience ultimate satisfaction. Give or take a few items on the menu, most of the entrees cost seven dollars or less.

Employee Jan McGee claims that the best aspect of working at Maggie’s is that “[the owners are] really nice people to work for”, while enthusiastically adding, “and we get to eat here!”

It was my mission to find a restaurant that would feed two people for ten dollars. Immediately upon arrival, I knew from the homey atmosphere, the smells, and the sounds, that I had found the perfect place. As far as completing this mission is concerned, I was merely a blink away from complete success. The check totaled $11.19, consisting of two regular beverages, a Dixie Burger, and a Chicken Salad Sandwich, both of which cost under four dollars each.

The service was friendly and hospitable, the wait for the meal was not too long, and the food was presented nicely. The sandwich I tried was very tasty, and my partner in crime confirmed that the burger was appetizing as well.

Scott Roller, the son of the diner’s owner, describes what truly makes Maggie’s unique.

“There is a banquet hall in the back room where family style dinners are served,” he said. “For every day of the month there are dinners on certain nights with certain selections of foods. There is Hungarian chicken paprikash, beef roast, and fried chicken almost every night. [Maggie’s] specializes in a lot of old fashioned homemade cooking.”

Roller also claimed that Maggie’s initially began solely as a catering business that eventually worked it’s way up into a full-fledged restaurant. Maggie’s still offers catering to this day, holding true to its background.

If you are looking for a casual lunch or dinner at an upscale diner not too far from campus, give Maggie’s’ a try.

Whether the occasion is a date, a family get together, or a quick bite to eat with friends, Maggie’s is a good choice for a “2 for 10,” just don’t expect a dance floor.