Auditorium will give new hope to students

Finally, the city of Bowling Green is looking at making an improvement which will benefit the youth at the Bowling Green City Schools.

According to an article in today’s BG News, on Nov. 7 city citizens will have the opportunity to vote on a levy which would bring a new junior high school and an auditorium to Bowling Green.

This is a commendable step forward for the students in Bowling Green. In a time when more and more arts and extracirricular programs are being cut from school budgets, administrators are giving these kids a chance at a better future.

Currently, students are holding many their performances at a out of date facility which lacks many of the necessary elements, like a backstage.

The rest of their events are held in University buildings. Superintendent Hugh Caumartin told The BG News “We’re very dependent as a community on the University.”

A new facility would benefit not only the students, but the community as well. With an accessible auditorium more community events could emerge.

The city of Bowling Green would have something to call their own. They could come together as a community for clubs, plays and meetings, like they’ve never been able to before.

The new auditorium would be available for all events from high school concerts to grade school plays. It will also provide a potential setting for any number of other events like school wide art shows, dances, school board meetings, and even open houses.

This auditorium would give students a greater respect for the tools they need to participate in the fine arts. A new facility could give students something to have pride in. It would also show them the respect the community has for them.

Fine arts give students a creative outlet which is much needed in this age when all the focus is on standardized tests, college applications, community service and high GPAs. Students are expected to be stellar students, perfect role models, active in the community and active in extra cirricular activities.

The least the community can do for these children is to give them the resources they need to pursue what makes them happy and healthy.

Money should not be an issue in considering the lives of our future.

The BG News urges all citizens of Bowling Green to vote ‘yes’ on the $2.93 million levy. It would be unfair to area students to do any less.