City briefs for 8/18/06

BG schools get mixed marks on report card

The Bowling Green City School District received an Excellent rating from the Ohio Department of Education for the 2005-2006 school year.

The designation comes from an annual state report card by the department. But while the school district met 24 of the 25 state standards, it’s not making adequate yearly progress. As a result, the district is listed as at risk.

In order to improve its status, the ODEP requires the Bowling Green School Board to compile an improvement progress report, notify parents of the rating and discuss how they can help improve the quality of the district. .

Police arrest customer who refused to leave

Besnik Metasani, 35, of Detroit, Mich., was arrested Wednesday night after resisting arrest and refusing to leave Bob Evans.

He told a waitress at the restaurant “50 truckloads of men” were going to kill him. When officers arrived, Metasani was pacing in the lobby and repeating obscenities.

When he was forced outside, he thought a black Dodge Ram parked in the lot was one of the trucks out to get him. Officers attempted to calm Metasani but he acted like he was scared of them. Metasani was arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct. He tried to kick the cruiser door open 10 times on the way to the Wood County Jail.