Great expectations

The 2005 BGSU football team had high expectations for their season last year. Heisman Trophy candidate Omar Jacobs anchored the offense. His targets were two of the top receivers in school history, Steve Sanders and Charles Sharon. The offensive attack also featured one of the best running backs in school history, P.J. Pope. The 2005 Falcons never lived up to the hype of last year, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of the fans.

The 2006 football team has a complete opposite outlook compared to last year’s team. The expectations for the 2006 season are not set as high due to the departures of the key players. The Falcon’s offense has gone through a complete makeover.

The team features a new quarterback, new running backs and receivers. The offensive line is the experienced and most proven unit on the offense.

“The one thing the offense is sure to bring in 2006, is a new look and big plays,” said wide receiver Corey Partridge. “We’re a very young offense but it is going to be a very exciting one. It will be interesting to see who steps up and plays well. Our offensive line has a lot of experience and for an offense to be successful you need a great line.”

Running back Dan Macon also has the same expectations for the new-look offense. “I think our offense is going to be full of excitement. We put in a lot of new stuff,” he said. “A lot more speed oriented plays. No huddle, go-go-go.”

The Falcons’ young offense has a lot to prove this season. Losing the four big offensive weapons from last season’s team is a major hit. When the Falcons graduated Josh Harris and other seniors from that MAC Championship team there was this same feeling in the air.

The team will be looking for an effort similar to the 2004 season.

“The whole offense needs to play together for us to be successful.” Partridge said. “The receivers and running backs are young. We don’t have much experience so we all need to step it up this season.”

After a shakeup in personnel such as the one the Falcons experienced, it would not be hard for fans to expect a team to struggle.

“I don’t think were going to struggle. As a player who has been here a while I got to see when Josh left, no one had heard of Omar and look what happen. I think its going to be the same thing,” Macon said. “We need to come together as a team. Receiver Corey Partridge has really stepped it up, myself at running back and with a new addition like Pete Winovich, I don’t think we’ll fall down.”

The one thing the Falcon football team will expect the most from the fans is to support them this season.

“I mean, the more the fans come out the better we’re going to play,” Partridge said. “We need the support and we would like to make the fans happy,”

The 2006 Falcons will have to rally around their offensive line and hope that QB Anthony Turner can produce. The defense from last season has received more game experience and will most likely be able to perform better than last season.

Dan Macon will have big shoes to fill with the void left by Pope but has the potential to be a solid option in the running game. Partridge, who displayed some big play ability last season, will lead the receiving core.

The Falcons will be able to showcase their new team on one of the biggest possible stages on Sept. 2 against Wisconsin at Cleveland Browns Stadium.