Student Health Center welcomes physicians

By Addie Curlis REPORTER

Though they lived different lives, Dr. Robert Heizelman and Dr. Kevin Martin both share the same passion for medicine and helping others.

More than 15 years ago, the pair of doctors attended the University as undergrads. However, they didn’t meet until last year during the interviewing process.

They have returned as physicians at the Student Health Center.

“It’s a privilege to be working with the college age population,” Dr. Heizelman said.

Dr. Heizelman was hired in July as a staff physician.

After getting involved as a physician during residency at the health center, Dr. Heizelman became a full time employee.

Dr. Heizelman has a wife and three boys. His biggest accomplishment in life is his children and being a good father, he said.

“I really feel that my primary responsibility in life right now is to be a good father. The student health center allows me to be available for my kids. I would like to be remembered as a good physician, but more so as a good father,” Dr. Heizelman said.

In his spare time, Dr. Heizelman enjoys family time and outdoor activities. Activities include rock climbing, white water kayaking and coaching a youth soccer team.

Dr. Heizelman graduated initially with a Bachelor of Arts and Communication from the University.

He worked in video and film performing multiple tasks. He was responsible for rigging the set, running the camera, editing and the lighting.

However, Dr. Heizelman found that medicine was more rewarding.

In his mid-20s he took a look into his future and decided he wanted to be able to help other people.

Dr. Martin was hired at the SHC at the beginning of the month as an associate director.

Dr. Martin also came to college not intending to be a doctor. He started as a business and pre law major at the University.

After completing a biology course, he changed his major.

“It’s pretty neat working here with the students because they are such a motivated population,” Dr. Martin said.

Dr. Martin along with Dr. Heizelman attended Mercy College of Ohio in Toledo for medical school.

Dr. Martin grew up in Bowling Green and met his wife here during high school.

Between their busy schedules of being a physician and his wife being an opera singer, they take advantage of spare time. They enjoy traveling and exercising.

His greatest achievement in life is becoming a physician, Dr. Martin said.

“Just getting through boards, surviving medical school and residency and making a positive impact is a big accomplishment,” Dr. Martin said.

Dr. Martin says his relationship with the other doctors on staff is good and that they are very supportive.

“I’m really happy to be here and I hope everyone is having good memories of BGSU like I do,” Dr. Martin said.

Barbara Hoffman, the Health Promotions Coordinator of the Wellness Connection, chaired the search committee for Dr. Martin.

She said the committee looked for medical qualifications, enthusiasm for the University and their relationship with students – which both doctors exhibited.

“People are enjoying the new energy and enthusiasm,” Hoffman said.