Nutty profs traumatize

So here we are. The beginning of a new semester.

There are the new classes, seniors taking some freshman English class that they put off for three years (hey, I’ll be there in two years), absent-minded freshman naively scheduling some like 800 level Calculus class that they don’t yet realize is going to be waaaay over their head. Then there are the professors.

Have you ever noticed that EVERY SINGLE SEMESTER that you’re in college, you get one horrible professor who’s completely clueless about that class they’re teaching?

Every semester, it never fails. They always have this horrible fashion sense. They look like they just came out of a Cindy Lauper video from like 1984.

You ask them really basic questions” “Uh yeah, I was just wondering what the test we’re having on Friday is going to be over?” And it’s like Thursday. The teacher always has this look in their eyes like you just asked them to explain what the meaning of life was.

They start vigorously looking through their notes, “Well it’s um”the test”I haven’t really decided yet, I haven’t actually been reading the book that I assigned, so I don’t know where all of you are.

There might be a curve, there might not, it might be multiple choice, it might not, I haven’t decided yet, I have a Ouija Board, actually. That’s how I put the test together.”

Then the professor/TA always says the three words that let you know you’re toast. They say, “You’ll be fine.”

It’s those teachers who are always the one’s who make you buy like two textbooks that you never end up using during the class. Then you try to sell the books back, and you don’t get anything for them.

The Bookstore. The way they send out all of those colorful E-mails at the end of the semester, “earn cash by selling your books back.” Then you take in that chemistry book that cost you about 9 thousand dollars, and they offer you 55 cents for it.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’d rather burn the book than let the store get it back. Give a big “Oh no Mr. Bookstore, you’re not getting this copy of Of Mice and Men back.”

Then there’s the books that they won’t even buy back because the edition “changed.”

Do you know what they change when they change the textbook edition? All they change is the number on the front of the book. Example: Biology Volume VII to Biology Volume VIII. It’s not like in the past semester the world of biology has completely changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the store for that. I understand it’s not their fault if the professor changes the book they use, and picks out one that costs more than the National Debt of Poland, but still.

They’re even strict about how much highlighting has been done to the book you’re trying to sell back.

That doesn’t make sense? What’s better than buying a textbook where everything is already highlighted? It’s like you had someone summarize the thing for you.

Oh, and in case by some chance they happen to have an ad on this page, I just want to say”shop at the BGSU Bookstore. The BG bookstore, making Bowling Greener.

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