Mario looks good on paper

Super Paper Mario is a wonderful combination of the Paper Mario role-playing games and Mario’s platforming days, forming a unique game that most people will enjoy.

This time around, Mario has to join forces with characters such as Bowser and Peach, along with partners with special powers named Pixls, and collect the eight Pure Hearts in order to stop a dark prophecy of world destruction from coming true.

One of the first elements of the game that sticks out is the fact that your score actually matters.

You defeat enemies and earn points, just as you would in Super Mario Bros. However, when you earn enough points you will level-up and gain stat bonuses, which will give you that feeling of fulfillment.

Don’t expect anything too advanced in the graphics department; Super Paper Mario’s graphics are great for their paper-esque style.

However, the game switches between the 2-D and 3-D perspectives of the world at the player’s will, and the transitions are phenomenal to watch.

Another positive aspect of the game is that it’s funny. The game writers put forth a lot of effort when they wrote the dialogue, and it shows. There are a bit too many mustache jokes at times, but those can be overlooked.

The only frustrating part of the game is that sometimes in the 3-D perspective it is hard to stomp on enemies because it is hard to tell exactly where they are. After all, they are paper-thin.

All-in-all, Super Paper Mario is a groundbreaking and downright fun title that any Wii owner should consider purchasing.