Democrats to host awareness week

The first annual Democrats Week will take place during the month of March to raise awareness for students about events that are swept under the carpet by humor, films and one political alumnus.

The college democrats are hosting a week full of events from March 19-23.

“Our goal is to get people involved by them participating in all of our events for that planned week,” said sophomore Alison Kukla, president of the College Democrats.

Films will be shown about events that are happening in the United States, but are kept secret from the public.

“One important film we will be showing is about the electric car,” Kukla said. “A lot of money was spent on the electric for it only to be taken off the market.”

Kukla said students need to know about who killed the electric car because it could have helped society.

“Showing these films only opens people’s eyes from being blindsided,” Kukla said. “And if it’s just little things, the big things will appear to the students’ minds about what’s behind the real picture.”

Democrats Week is open to people of all political affiliations.

“This academic year we were very passionate about putting our ideas into action,” Kukla said. “Our organization was very driven to bring these events to our campus.”

Another addition to the week is a comedy group called “Comedy Against Evil.”

“I think this will be the most significant part of our events. They’re known by going around to colleges and educating students … through humor,” Kukla said.

But aside from the films and the comedy group, the college democrats have invited Christopher Redfern, an Ohio Democratic Party chairman.

“Having Chris Redfern will be very great because he is an alumnus from BGSU,” Kukla said. “He will present to students how BGSU was his stepping stone to political participation and political success.”

Along with Kukla, Mark Ingles, junior and treasurer of the College Democrats, agrees Christopher Redfern will be great for students to listen to.

“I worked in local campaigns and just made contacts with the campaigns, and asked if he would speak and we just took it from there,” Ingles said.

Both Kukla and Ingles said they hope Democrats Week will become a yearly thing on campus.

“I think Democrats Week will make a change of importance on campus,” Ingles said.

Others around campus already have plans to attend the event.

“I think Democrats Week will be a great series of events for students to attend because it will display to us how we should become more politically involved,” said Mercedes Lawson, freshman.