Something about the weather

So it finally began, the change of weather that everyone was looking forward to. For weeks before and after winter break, it’s all people could talk about: “When is it finally going to snow?”, “Why’s it still feel like summer outside?” and “At least it’s not freezing for my bar crawl.”

You knew it was coming. With the fast and drastic change in temperature outside, there had to be at least a few articles during the week’s paper on the weather outside.

It’s almost like we all forget what the weather gets to be like every year and have to point it out to anyone who might not be sure.

“It’s freezing outside!” Is the most common statement when winter finally heads around. As if all of us managed to forget between spring and summer that in order for it to snow outside … the temperature needs to be at freezing level.

People who make obvious comments aren’t the only ones who annoy me during winter, though. There’s one person who manages to get me angry every time I even glance at him.

Shorts Guy.

You know the one. The guy who walks around on campus in a pair of shorts and sweatshirt (at most) in the snow. He shows no sign of being cold and I can’t help but hate him for it.

I’m not sure if it’s envy for being immune to the cold or just feeling sorry for his genetic line, but I just can’t help but dislike some of the people that come with the weather change.

Matt’s currently braving the tundra of campus, but you can email him at [email protected]