Letter to the Editor

Kelly Cousins and Kelly Cousins

Niklewski presents a dangerous view of pornography

As a daily reader of The BG News, I have never had as many qualms with the paper as I did upon reading the Wednesday, Jan. 31 edition.

While I could surely debate the lack of humor in Colby James column on Victoria’s Secret (oh, and by the way, as a photographer and avid Photoshop user, I guarantee that male models are not the only ones being Photoshopped) or the lack of decency in Josh Benners’ column regarding ‘fatties who can’t put down cake’, my biggest dispute is with Chandra Niklewski’s column on pornography addictions.

Instead of doing research in the DSM-IV, Niklewski should have been looking into how porn degrades women, reinforces violence against women and increases and encourages attitudes that evoke rape and sexual harassment.

Pornography also influences our increasingly ageist, materialistic and body obsessed culture.

In addition to the negative environment that the man-catered porn industry has created towards women, Niklewski did not bring into account that frequent viewing of pornographic materials can actually ruin relationships due to the viewers becoming desensitized to ordinary sex acts and only becoming titillated by material that is more graphic and hard core in nature.

Pornography addicts tend to get to a point where they are so entranced in their own fantasy porn world they can’t maintain regular relationships.

I suggest Niklewski read “Pornified: How Pornography Is Transforming Our Lives, Our Relationships, and Our Families” a book by Pamela Paul to influence a more expansive take on the porn culture.

Niklewski’s opinion is dangerous and irresponsible especially in a college atmosphere where intelligence and tolerance should be held on a higher level than assumption and sexist attitudes.

– Kelly Cousins, Senior, Interior Design, Popular Culture, [email protected]