Electric fire forces Toledo hotel guests to evacuate rooms

An underground fire at the Park Inn in Toledo led to an evacuation of about 200 guests, including 14 BG students attending a Circle K district conference, early yesterday morning.

Several students told The BG News they did not hear any fire alarms.

Circle K president Jillian Smith said she didn’t hear any fire alarms until she got to a lower floor.

At around 7:20 a.m., Toledo Fire Chief Michael Bell told evacuees waiting in the SeaGate Center that it had been an electrical fire that began outside of the hotel.

Some guests waited on two city buses.

Toledo firefighter Joe Camerato said not all guests had left their rooms because it was safer for some to stay in their rooms and avoid more confusion.

Toledo Edison, Toledo’s power company, reported to the scene once firefighters determined the fire was electrical.

According to Mike Sapara, the hotel’s general manager, there were no injuries. He added there was only smoke damage to the hotel.