Students still have gripes about overnight guest policy

Amanda Decker, who lived in Founders last semester, said people are going to have the opposite sex sleep in their rooms and rather than being forced to be “sneaky” about it, the administration should just allow it.

“We are going to have opposite sex guests in our rooms, and other than sneak around the policy, and prop our doors and cause safety issues, they should just allow opposite sex guests,” Decker said.

Drew Cekada, president of Resident Student Association, said Undergraduate Student Government and RSA collaborated, and held forums to gauge how people felt about the situation.

RSA and USG sent out surveys to more than 7,000 students who were living on campus, and about 300 students responded to the survey about the overnight guest policy.

Cekada said one main finding was that students didn’t like the University telling them what they were allowed and not allowed to do in their dorm rooms.

Students responded and said they wanted to change the policy, but no one understood it.

According to Cekada, people don’t seem to care, and before they change a policy, people have to be educated on the purpose of the current policy.

He also said they had open discussions time and campus wide invitations to the general assembly meetings, but not many students attended.

Cekada also said the policy exists for security purposes.

He also stated that both of the roommates paid to be in the room, and they have the right to have the room to themselves.

Residence Life understands why students are mad about the overnight policy.

“[The] overnight guest policy is in place to protect residents and not to restrict their rights,” Cekada said.

Part of the overnight guest policy states, “Overnight guests, regardless of their sex, is prohibited if the rights of the roommate/suitemate as referenced above are being violated.”

There is also a 24 hour guest policy that is enforced and it states, “It is extremely difficult for Residence Life staff to enforce the Overnight Guest Policy, leaving the means of enforcements up to the roommate/suitemate””

Cekada also stated the overnight guest policy, combined with the visitation policy, allows residents to have the ability to have any person over regardless of sex and Residence Life can enforce the policy if a situation arises.

According to Cekada, the policy is in place to keep students safe and let them have freedom if a problem arises about the issue.

Cekada stated, “Eighteen or not, adulthood is determined by responsibility.”

Some students, like Julie Savage, who lives in Harshman-Dunbar, seem to be fine with the policy.

“It’s okay to have guests of the opposite sex, but they have to be checked in and it has to be ok with the roommate,” Savage said.