NYU has problem with unwanted visitors

New York University will be working with the New York City Parks Department to help rid Washington Square Park of its escalating rat problem. This is in response to an increasing number of complaints from the local community.

The university hopes to help eliminate the current rat population and preventing future infestations, with the university focusing on its own property and the city focusing on the park, said Alicia Hurley, associate vice president for government and community affairs.

After consulting with the city, NYU has reassessed its own current pest-control and trash-removal processes, and recently hired a specialty contractor to design a more effective approach, which includes “rodent-proofing” several university buildings by using sealants.

The Parks Department recently hired an exterminator to place bait throughout the park, including the rat burrows. Though poison will not be placed directly in those areas, Parks Department spokesman Ashe Reardon said signs will be placed to notify park-goers who plan to bring their dogs to the dog run.