Multi-tasking is driving the whole world crazy

While authorities are saying driving and multi-tasking is a dangerous combination, students aren’t ready to hang up on those distractions.

Recent studies show that 80 percent of people who drive are “multi-tasking” while they are in the car. The biggest “multi-tasker” seems to be the cell phone.

“I definitely think driving while someone is distracted is a bad thing. Anytime your attention is taken away from the road, it’s a concern,” said Russ Rader, spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

This issue doesn’t occur just nationally, this even happens on college


“I think the biggest distraction is the use of a cell phone- especially,” said Shellie Mack, police office for the University police.

While faculty and administration say that multi-tasking while driving is very much a distraction, students have different opinions.

“Because I’m in a hurry, I have to multi-task while I drive. I talk on the phone like if I need directions or something,” said Farrah Garcia, junior.

Most commonly with students on campus is the distraction of multitasking, which leads to problems with speeding, according to Mack.

“Most of the accidents come from drivers not paying attention, on the phone, and speeding, trying to get to class,” said Mack.

Two big roads where Mack has to give out speeding tickets are at Poe and Alumni roads.

Although the use of cell phones and doing other things while driving is already a problem, it doesn’t seem like things will get better in the future.

“As more technology comes onto the scene, it will just get harder for people because they don’t know how to teach themselves not to be distracted,” said Rader.

When this technology becomes more prevalent, some agree that training themselves to multi-task will have to happen.

“I think that one just has to be careful as they train themselves to multi-task and drive at the same time,” said Garcia.

Although the majority of drivers do multi-task, others don’t think it’s a good idea.

“I’m good at multitasking, but I do think some people should never do it, because it’s a hazard to everyone’s life,” said Jordan Portillo, junior.

In agreeance with what Portillo says is a graduate student.

“I think multi-tasking is both a distraction, but also something you can teach yourself, you just have to be willing to teach yourself,” said Shauna Freeman, graduate student.

People don’t know how to actually multi-task and drive at the same time, that’s why it’s a problem.

“I don’t agree that a person can train themselves to multi-task, we have research that says a hands-free cell phone or not, there still is a high risk for accidents to happen, even when you’re on the phone,” said Rader.