Super cool caffeinated cubes

I love iced coffee. I love it so much I wish I could savor the flavor. But unfortunately iced coffee must be drank fast or else it becomes diluted kinda-cold coffee.

So I am going to share a secret the big bad Starbucks hasn’t even thought of. Coffee Cubes. Think of the advantages of using coffee cubes.

When using ice, the hot coffee melts the ice immediately and dilutes the coffee. I hate anything that has been watered down. Some Starbuckers may say it isn’t really a problem since iced coffee is consumed more quickly than hot coffee and there is usually ice left in the bottom of the cup when they are done.

But what good is leftover ice?

If there were coffee cubes left in the bottom of the cup you got yourself a second drink! Coffee cubes won’t just ensure a rich, cold cup of coffee, but two rich, cold cups of coffee.

If you’re a coffee consumer, it is always a good idea to have a tray of coffee cubes because they aren’t only good for iced coffee. If your hot coffee is too hot, cool it down with a cube.

In fact, you can take the flavored ice cube idea and run with it. What good is ice when it eventually dilutes everything it’s in. Here are a few other cubes and juice combinations I thought of.