“Humans vs. Zombies” had no place on campus

It amazes me that in today’s society, when violence on campuses has become so prevalent, university officials would allow the “Humans vs. Zombies” group to disrupt students for the past week.

Regardless of the fact that these “zombies” have been running around campus buildings distracting those of us who actually work, the fact they have guns is completely disrespectful. The tragedy at Virginia Tech is barely six months behind us and already, students are making a mockery of the violent act by shooting each other with Nerf guns. I was personally affected from Virginia Tech when a friend of mine’s cousin witnessed the aftermath of his next door neighbor, Ryan Clark’s, brutal death. Firearms are prohibited from campus buildings, and I believe these should be considered off limits as well. While their game may seem like pure entertainment to some, it’s a horrible reminder of death to others.

I have no problem with their game as long as it is held off campus. Numerous parks are within a short drive from the University. For even more effect, their game could be held at a paintball field where they could actually shoot one another in a safe environment. The point is, their actions are completely disrespectful and disrupting to those who are at the University attempting an education without fear of being shot by a foam dart.

It’s actually quite disturbing to know my fellow graduate students are so at ease morally and ethically about carrying these weapons to classrooms. For all the participants, please be courteous to your fellow students and keep your weapons hidden during class. The last thing I want to see while taking notes is your firearm.

-Jessica Lynn Schmidt Graduate Student, History