Conyers-Page has what it takes to be a successful BSU leader

Leadership, organization, determination, focus and passion. These are some of the traits of a good leader.

Friends of Black Student Union President Starmisha Conyers-Page say that these traits are what make her a great leader.

Conyers-Page, a junior majoring in integrated social studies and minoring in political science, has been active in BSU since her freshman year.

“When she does something she is in it for the long haul,” said Khalfani Rice, a close friend who has known Conyers-Page since childhood.

“She is a product of her mother,” said Pa’trice Owens. “Her mother is socially and politically active in Toledo, and that’s where she gets it from.”

Her mother, Twila Page, founded Toledo’s African-American Parents Association.

Rice really got to know Conyers-Page when she started attending the University.

“When she first came to [BGSU] she couldn’t live on campus and she didn’t have a license,” Rice said. “We ended up working something out where I would bring her here and take her back home since I lived out that way anyways and she would pay for some gas. She has always been socially conscious and she asked about some organizations and ways to get involved on campus.”

Three years later, Conyers-Page became president of BSU. In the position, she has worked to organize the BSU Fashion Show on Dec. 2, the annual Black History Month kick- off on Feb. 1 and a Martin Luther King Jr. tribute on Jan. 20.

“As the president, she’s good at making sure everything gets done,” Owens said. “That means if someone doesn’t do something, then she has to do it herself.”

Her passion can show through in the way that she tries to get people active, Owens said.

Rice also noted Conyers-Page’s dedication.

“Over the past year, [Starmisha] has developed a profound love and dedication for BGSU and BSU that you don’t see every day,” Rice said. “When she leaves I’m pretty sure she will one of the alumni that give back to the University.”

BSU is a great opportunity for black students to get involved on campus, Conyers-Page said.

“Just come to the meetings. We will be accepting membership in the spring and dues are only $10. If you pay dues you can be on committees or get discounts on trips that we do,” she said.

“Usually we have 70 to 90 people at the meetings. We always have people who are not members who come to our meetings as well. Also we are not exclusive,” said Conyers-Page. “Were open to everyone. Asians, Indians, whites, everyone.”

“And we encourage people to be active and to talk in the meeting regardless if the meeting is over,” she said.

BSU meetings often have a theme or a topic for discussion and a meeting which starts at 7 p.m. can often go till 9 p.m. she said.

The last BSU meeting this semester will be Thursday, Nov. 29 at 7 p.m. in 308 Union.

“Anyone who wants to get involved should just come to one of our meetings.”