Taser use on Florida student was considered ‘nothing improper’

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has released a 300-page report on the zapping of University of Florida senior Andrew Meyer, whose actions, catch-phrase and police Tasering during a John Kerry town hall forum made international headlines.

“Don’t Tase me, Bro,” Meyer, 21, squealed after police put the screaming, combative student down on the ground and relaxed him with 50,000 volts from a Taser.

The state agency has determined that University of Florida police did nothing improper in subduing Meyer after he resisted arrest.

In a statement, University of Florida President Bernie Machen said, “While I am pleased that the FDLE review is complete, we still have work to do on a separate front. As an academic institution, it is our responsibility to continually review – and improve- how we foster an open environment that is also safe for our ever-changing campus community.”

The incident, whose footage has been viewed thousands of times on youtube.com, took place on Sept. 17 during a forum hosted by Sen. John Kerry at the university in Gainesville.

During a question and answer period, Meyer caused a stir while asking Kerry a line of questions ranging from voter fraud to the senator’s alleged membership in a secret society.

After Meyer refused to stop his line of questioning, and his microphone was cut off, the student became agitated when police tried to escort him out of the room.

He resisted arrested and was eventually pinned to the ground, where he continued struggling.

At that point, after seeing that a police officer had taken out his Taser, he uttered the words that have become a pop catchphrase: “Don’t Tase me, Bro.”