European bistro relocation allows for better atmosphere

Kyle Reynolds and Kyle Reynolds

Some students may recognize Naslada Bistro from its days in the Woodland Mall food court but the American and European restaurant has a new home on Main Street.

After spending four years in the mall, Naslada’s owner, Boyko Mitov decided to relocate.

‘This is a better location,’ Mitov said. ‘It’s more convenient for the customers.’

The restaurant opened at 182 South Main St. five months ago and continues to serve dishes from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and America.

At his new location Mitov, who lived in Bulgaria before coming to America in 1999, aims to give customers the atmosphere of a European bistro, with European folk music playing and paintings.

Local artist Bill Thompson, a regular customer at the bistro, painted southwestern theme pieces that hang on the walls.

‘I like most everything there,’ Thompson said. ‘Mousaka is definitely my favorite. I’ve had it in Greece and there are so many ways to make it. They also have really good salads.’

Mousaka is a casserole made with ground chuck, seven vegetables and souffl’eacute; toppings.

Naslada is known for their large selection of gourmet soups, including monastery bean, French onion, lentil and chili.

‘We are famous for our soup,’ Mitov said. ‘Nobody in town makes soup like my soup.’

Mitov does not use additives or preservatives in his dishes.

Naslada has many dishes for vegetarians to choose from.

‘The restaurant added many new salads and vegetarian dishes since the move,’ said cook Ruth Hasselman.

‘I’m a vegetarian so the salads and vegetarian dishes are my favorites,’ she said.

‘But customers wary of trying new things should not be,’ Mitov said.

‘There are not any unusual flavors,’ Mitov said. ‘I haven’t had any unsatisfied customers.’

‘After all, the name ‘Naslada’ comes from a Bulgarian word meaning very delicious,’ he said.