Resonant Soul kicks off their CD release in BG

Alissa O'Neill and Alissa O'Neill

The boys of Resonant Soul are back in Bowling Green. The band will be holding a CD release party at Howard’s Club H on Main Street tonight to celebrate their latest album, “The Death of Amara Lee.”

Resonant Soul consists of Rick Acker on drums, Anthony Beck with lead vocals and keyboard, Josh Bock on bass and vocals, Dan Fowler with guitar and John Fowler on lead guitar. Acker describes the band’s music as having “roots in classic rock with modern influences,” citing influences from Queen to The Black Heart Procession.

The band has come a long way since the release of their CD “Stillwater” in 2005. Acker said they have grown a lot, both musically and as a group.

“This is an album,” Acker said. “It follows a theme. Musically, there are scene changes from song to song and we really strived to play what should be played instead of what can be played.”

For “The Death of Amara Lee,” Resonant Soul had the opportunity to record the drum portion of their album in the RCA Victor Studio B in Nashville, Tenn. Studio B is the same place where musical legend Elvis Presley recorded and Ackers calls it a “haunting experience.”

All musical aspects besides the drums were produced and mixed by Beck in his home studio and the album was sent to Philadelphia to be mastered. Acker said the band is thrilled with the way “The Death of Amara Lee” turned out.

“It sounds really professional, Acker said. “Anthony and our production team did an amazing job. We were really proud of ‘Stillwater.’ This time around we’re just as proud, but a lot more confident. We spent more time making sure exactly what we wanted was on there.”

In addition to musical growth, Resonant Soul has also experienced some progress in the business aspect of their band. The group is now marketed and managed by Platform One Entertainment out of Chicago, a company that has worked with many big names such as Alice in Chains, System of a Down and Taking Back Sunday.

“It’s always fun playing at Howard’s,” Acker said. “It’s like playing at home, it’s always kind of comforting.”

Resonant Soul’s future plans right now include acquiring XM Radio exposure as well as increasing their college campus market. The band also recently acquired a new set of wheels that they’re itching to use.

“We just got a new van so we’re pretty pumped about that,” Acker said. “We’re ready to just hit the road.”

Resonant Soul’s CD Release Party at Howard’s Club H includes the band Rosella and starts at 9 p.m. Copies of “The Death of Amara Lee” will be available for $10 and if anyone attends the show in costume for Halloween, Resonant Soul will sell them the album for $5.