Album Review: “Negative Energy”

Laura Lee and Laura Lee

Bancroft’s final release is a self-titled EP that captures and highlights the band’s passion and talent as musicians.

Bancroft’s music is dark, powerful and emotional and possesses a raw sound giving the EP a more personal feel.

The brutal honesty of “Negative Energy” is unique and draws you in immediately. The lyrics exude bitterness and a strong dislike for a past love; however, the song remains genuine in the sense that he didn’t write it because he was pissed off, but because he truly meant it.

The prize piece of the EP is track number one. “Internet Love Song” has an amazing guitar riff and is very catchy. Singer, Andy Hutchinson, really showcases his vocal range and ability to sing in a high, melodic tone. The track sounds like it could be placed in a dramatic, intense scene of a movie due to the music’s powerful feeling.

It’s unfortunate this is Bancroft’s last release, but the band went out in the most respectable way and gave a lasting impression that will sadly leave fans wanting more.