Article ignored the key issues from debate

We would like to both thank and congratulate the editors for Tim Sampson’s performance on his debate article [“Illegal immigrants and apologies,” Oct. 12].

We say thanks to you for deepening the division between two very influential organizations on this campus. After numerous sincere apologies by College Republicans Chair Daniel Lipian to several Latino Student Union executives, the two groups have tried to work together. A prime example would be the illegal immigration debate. However, you have successfully used the debate to further divide the two groups.

We would also like to congratulate you on your ability to report on par with that of a national tabloid. Both sides strongly articulated their positions and based them on solid evidence, just what a debate is meant to be. Unfortunately, numerous students in the audience came with other ideas. With the mentality of a drunken “frat boy” streaking for the homecoming game crowd, these students stole the show, and in accordance with typical “hack” journalism, Sampson made them the story.

Rather than focusing on the debate that lasted nearly two hours and the panelists who worked diligently to prepare for it, Sampson treated it as an afterthought in his “drive-by” article that focused not on what would best inform the students, but what would get the most buzz. He even went so far as to not even mention the names of two of the panelists. In doing so he gave credence to these students who abused a question and answer period and turned it into a firing squad trained directly on the College Republicans. So, rather than covering “the game,” Tim Sampson put his camera right on the streaking “frat boy” for all the audience at home to see, because everyone knows that’s what we want to see, right?

We would like it to be noted that not only has Lipian apologized personally to several LSU executives but the “Immigration Debate” was fully intended to be a “bury[ing] of the hatchet” as stated by Sampson. Also, one must take into consideration the attempts to reach across the isle thus far this year. These attempts range from a non-partisan Sept. 11 event that brought in over 1,200 people, the likes of which has not been seen on this campus in over 10 years (excluding sporting events), to this very debate.

Lastly, being personal friends of Lipian, we can attest to the fact that he would never host an event with the intentions of personally offending anyone.

Given our belief that Sampson and every other American has the right to report events as he wishes, we do not ask for an apology. We only wish to expose the fact that as a journalist Sampson not only neglected two of the students on stage, he neglected the substance of the entire debate.

The College Republicans and the Latino Student Union, two of the largest and most influential organizations on campus, deserve more respect from our own on-campus publication. However, cooperation will continue between the College Republicans and not only the Latino Student Union, but all other campus organizations willing to reach across the aisle.

Quinten Wise is a junior majoring in Political Science and Economics. Andy Hooser is a freshman majoring in Political Science. Domenic Varricchio is a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice.

The writers are, respectively, the vice chair, secretary and head of public relations for the BGSU College Republicans.