Ron Paul: another option for presidential change

Alex Merced and Alex Merced

Yesterday, I read an editorial touting Barack Obama as a refreshing break from the usual candidate [“Obama represents more than just an American flag pin,” Oct. 16]. While Obama is a fresh face with a fresh attitude, I think a break from the norm is much more needed for the GOP with very disappointing election results for them over the last two years.

Luckily for them (for the record, I’m independent), Ron Paul decided to run for the GOP nomination.

I bet you want to say, who is Ron Paul? Ron Paul within the last six months has been the break away candidate for the GOP by winning every GOP debate poll with his straightforward honesty (although everyone tries to pass it off as solely, “Internet popularity”). Ron Paul’s anti-war, balanced budget and free market message has resonated more than any other candidate on either side.

While it’s easy to see his popularity online being one of the most searched people on Google, and dominance on all Internet polls, what about offline? You may not know who Ron Paul is, but he’s quickly climbing to the front of the GOP race and annoying a lot of people in the process – not taking any soft money, not pandering to talking points, and promoting freedom, liberty and an anti-war message that apparently even the right seems pretty happy about.

Obama is a great candidate, but there are two parties, and it’s good to know we have a Ron Paul on the other side making sure we have options. Plus he’s someone who would end the war and balance our budget now, not in 2013.

Alex Merced is a senior majoring in Popular Culture.