Bowling Green voted number one

Most students will agree that Bowling Green is a great place to go to school, but it is also the best place in northwest Ohio to live and raise a family.

In November’s issue of Ohio Magazine, Bowling Green was named best hometown in northwest Ohio.

This came as no surprise to John Fawcett, the city’s municipal administrator, who has lived in Bowling Green for 28 years and has even had the opportunity to relocate. But he didn’t want to leave.

“Not only is it a great place to raise a family, but it has a beautiful downtown area that’s thriving, it is appreciative of the University and all of the cultural opportunities it has, and it’s close to a larger metropolitan area but far enough away that you don’t get all the problems that go along with it,” Fawcett said.

Bowling Green’s community spirit, emphasis on education, environmental health, safety and culture were all taken into account, said Wendy Stram, executive director of the Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“There are so many things for families to do,” Stram said. She mentioned the Black Swamp Festival, the Tractor Pull, Parks and Recreation, the City School system and the University. “Raising a family is not a problem here in Bowling Green, the kids are busy,” she said.