Sure you can buy pumpkin seeds in a store, but where’s your decency?

Store bought pumpkin seeds come from pumpkins that never got the chance to smile, to see the colors of the fall or smell the crisp autumn air. Pumpkins are taken by the patches, placed on a conveyer belt and are systematically smashed, gutted and canned. I am here to speak up for the un-carved. Could you imagine not having a face? As my first step in the fight for pumpkin’s rights, I provide you with this pumpkin seed recipe, so you can roast your own and liberate pumpkins of all shapes and sizes that are literally dying for self expression. To not carve a pumpkin is denying a Jack-o-lantern life.

After you have carved your pumpkin (and you must carve your pumpkin for best results) separate the seeds from the meat chunks by floating them in water.

Lightly coat a cookie sheet with about a tablespoon of vegetable oil or a liberal amount of non stick cooking spray.

Spread your seeds evenly onto the cookie sheet and sprinkle your seeds with spices and seasonings of your liking.

The traditional recipe calls for just salt, but I tried a few other blends that work.

-Salt, garlic salt and seasoned salt

-Creole seasoning, for a spicier taste

-Cinnamon and sugar

Heat your oven to 320 degrees and bake for about 20 minutes. Give the pan a good shake after 10 minutes to make sure none are overlapping so each seed will be packed with flavor.

I like to turn the Jack-o-lantern top over and serve the seeds out of it like a little bowl, it’s festive.