Enrique Iglesias’ chart topping song “Do You Know” isn’t the only thing his 8th CD “Insomniac” has to offer. Iglesias’ new CD appeals to the masses. With the CD already climbing to number 17 on the charts after only being in place for two weeks, there is clearly much to be desired.

The CD offers a variety of different styles of songs including three songs at the end of the CD all performed in Spanish. One of the three Spanish songs, “Dimelo,” is actually a replica of “Do you know.” I found this especially appealing when listening to the CD. Not only do I enjoy the chart topping hit but I also have an opportunity to learn Spanish. Also, not forgetting the larger appeal of this song, it offers the Spanish speaking community an opportunity to enjoy this hit without using too much effort searching for the Spanish version.

The CD also provides a few good English songs as well. “Somebody’s Me” is gaining in popularity as well as “Push” featuring Lil’ Wayne. While I enjoy the previous songs, I don’t think those two songs are the best on the CD. I do, however, recommend the song “Sweet Isabel” as it shows a slow side to the CD. Also, the song “Little Girl,” a song about a girl’s transition into adulthood and being alone, shows the sensitive side of Iglesias.

All in all, this CD has already appealed to the masses with a song nicknamed “The Ping Pong Song” and contains a few other songs that are already climbing the charts. However, you shouldn’t only be downloading those few songs onto your iTunes in your spare time but, take some time to listen to the entire CD; odds are you’ll enjoy it.

Grade: B+ Album: Enrique Iglesias – “Insomniac”