Opinion column needs evidence to make point

This is in response to the Op Ed article titled “Environmentalism conflicts with the University and aesthetic appeal” written by Chad Puterbaug.

Bowling Green State University has been apparently affected by the heat of summer. The grass outside the Union is dry and more the color of wheat than the actual color of grass. And that is the Union, the quintessential part to any aspect of Orientation and Registration. It is the building to show off to all those new and excited BGSU students, and that grass is suffering.

The allocation of water on campus apparently is suffering as much as the rest of the city where dry grass can be seen outside every house, except for the privileged ones, of course.

The next time I take a shower I will remember that I am truly lucky to use that water and it will make me feel even better when I step out and dry myself off. In fact, I won’t even dry myself off and bask in the glory of the droplets forming all over my body. Thank you for enlightening me on how lucky I am.

I also like how the concept of evaporation or scientific facts, or even just monetary facts and statistics on the University’s allocation of water help solidify your argument as something of true substance. If you are simply basing your argument on observation, I think we have made it clear that even the prestigious BGSU is being hurt by the heat-wave.

BGSU runs the sprinklers at the same time it did last year, there has been no excessive use and trust me I know. I have to walk through these things all the time and the same ones are continuously turning my walk into a day at the water park. I am also interested in what specialists find water to be the cause of next world war.

Once again, no substance, just fluff.