The new Paramore album “Riot!’ is blowing up! Much like the lead singer Haley’s new fiery locks their album, “Riot!” is on fire with vengeful song lyrics and blazing guitar riffs. The album hit stores on June 12, 2007 and has recently hit the Billboard charts at number 20 with the album’s hit single “Misery Business.” In the song, Hayley claims that “once a whore you’re nothing more” which is a bit risqué for this recently legal lead singer from the hills of Tennessee.

The title of the album says it all. “Riot!” is screaming with upbeat melodies that prove that Paramore is ready for whatever is thrown at them. The band members have been doing music since they were as young as 13. Lead singer, Hayley Willaims, and her high school chums, guitarist Josh and drummer Zav Farrow, are responsible for Paramore’s rapid upbringing. With the addition of Hayley’s next door neighbor, rhythm guitar player Jason Bynum, the band quickly realized that they were shaking things up in their hometown of Franklin, Tenn.

Eager to start recording the band headed straight to the studios in Nashville. With only a glimpse of this juvenile bunch, labels were standing in line with dollar signs in their eyes. After months of searching, Paramore signed with Fueled By Ramen Records and debuted their first album in the summer of 2005. With the help of Myspace.com and their trusty label the band sold out local venues across the United States – Detroit, Cincinnati and Cleveland to name a few close to home. With their folks traveling close behind the band toured for most of what would have been their Junior and Senior years of high school. Making their own fun and surely not missing much at home the band is rumored to have earned G.E.D’s while on tour.

Only two short years after their first album, “All We Know is Falling”, the band has released “Riot!” with a new look and a lot more edge. Hayley’s effervescent sound and addictive vocals mixed with the boys’ powerful melodies and hooks are storming the stage on this summer’s Van’s Warp Tour. The band’s ability to control a crowd, along with their knack to produce a powerful pop sound will surely start a “Riot!” this year.

Grade: A Album: Paramore – “Riot!” (2007)