CD review: Ashley Tisdale

Grade B

Ashley Tisdale’s debut album “Headstrong” is something to take a listen to. A number of pop songs appear on the album including Tisdale’s top single “Be Good to Me”, but that isn’t the only song worth listening to. The album offers a variety of pop songs, no doubt designed to make you dance.

However, Tisdale offers a few slow songs to those fans that don’t want to get up and move – songs including “Unlove you”, “Love Me for Me”, “We’ll Be Together” and “Suddenly”. “Unlove You” and “We’ll Be Together” are for the listener who believes love can overcome anything. “Love Me for Me” and “Suddenly” are more closely geared toward Tisdale herself, finding out being a celebrity has its challenges.

The music doesn’t stop there. Tisdale’s wide range of foot-taping songs is something to be excited about. Along with offering some entertainment for the dancer in the crowd, Tisdale’s CD is clearly geared more toward the younger teen crowd. Parents can rest easy, the majority of the songs could be considered PG rated.

Songs like “Headstrong” and “So much for you” are sure to bring the teens to their feet. Other songs, like “Be good to me” and “Goin’ crazy”, offer a bit of a throwback feel sounding more like a Brittany Spears song from the 90’s.

The one downfall of Tisdale’s entire CD could be the song “Over It”. The song’s beginning is ruined by a spoken verse. Not only does the speech ruin the song but it also disrupts the flow of the CD.

Overall, Tisdale’s debut can be considered a success. “Headstrong” offers an eclectic mix for the teen masses, and their parents are also sure to be pleased.