Album Review: The Feeling, Twleve Stops at Home

WHAT MATT THINKS: With a name like The Feeling, it’s hard to expect innovative music with poetic lyrics or strong guitar solos. Their album, “Twelve Stops and Home” is heavily inspired by the soft rock of the ’70s, but at times lacks the catchiness or creativeness that is needed for great pop songs.

“Sewn,” which is a featured song on “VH1 You Ought a Know: Artists on the Rise,” is the best of the bunch with great arrangements and soothing harmonies. “Never Be Lonely” is a soothing blend with simple lyrics and catchy harmonies. “Love It When You Call,” sounds like any other pop song, with the music sounding just like “Never Be Lonely,” but with a twist and a satisfying guitar solo at the end. “Fill My Little World” is another song that doesn’t stray from the pack, offering little surprises lyrically and musically. “Kettle’s On” starts a little differently from the rest with a mysterious bass-riff but then turns into a not to so powerful ballad, but is one of the stronger tracks on “Twelve Stops.” “I Want You Now” offers something different and finally offers something unlike the rest, starting off with the harmonies and becomes intense, that is until the chorus sets in, then it becomes lame. “Strange” showcases the best lyrics yet about being an outcast and “Anyone” has the strongest chorus-line and Dan Gillespie Sells gives his strongest vocal performance. “Helicopter” sounds like a carnival ride and the last track “Blue Piccadilly,” sums up the album with predictable lyrics and not so special music accompaniment.

“Twelve Stops and Home,” could serve best as background music for a tea party. Although the album gets stronger in the second half of the album, if these five lads really want to make a great record they have to stray away from the simple pop formula at some point and add a little something different into the mix. There’s no doubt The Feeling has talent, they just truly haven’t come together yet.

– Matt Manning