BG’s apparent train problem needs to be addressed

Why has this horrible train accident happened again? I believe a study needs to be done to find out just exactly why this has occurred twice in the past two weeks.

Should the trains be stopped until 6 a.m. or 7 a.m., or do the trains need to slow down significantly more while in Bowling Green? How many lives must be lost – this is clearly a problem.

This is the third incident in the last two years. It isn’t fair to the family or friends of the ones that are lost – and it certainly isn’t fair to someone who has his or her life lost in such a tragic incident. How many lives must be lost before the city council members and county commissioners do something?

I would say that The University could potentially have a Public Relations problem on hand as well. Why would parents necessarily want to have their children attend Bowling Green State University if they know the streets of such a small town aren’t safe in any way?