On campus, there’s more technology than you could shake a stick at

This is in response to Kevin Hartman’s column “Lab closings were ill-timed” [guest column by Kevin Hartman, Sept. 13]:

Hi, my name is Kyle and I work for the Student Technology Center. Before anyone begins to attack my workplace and co-workers, stating that our facility “contains no technology for the students to use,” let me fill the students in on what we exactly do here.

StudentTech was created seven years ago with the intent to enhance technological literacy for students. This includes workshops, peer-to-peer tutorials, online quick guides and in-house quick guides. We help students learn programs so that they will accomplish projects and homework effectively and efficiently. Now, I am assuming Hartman has never used our facility, hence the statement about our lack of technology, which is the furthest thing from the truth.

We have more than 50 in-house laptops for students to use, each with programs ranging from Microsoft Word to iMovie. We have two Final Cut Stations, which is a video editing program. We have a printing station where students can print black and white for free and color printing at a minimal cost. We also have several photo printers that students may use as well. Other parts of our facility include three dubbing stations and a Garageband station. So to clarify for Hartman, we have plenty of technology here, he just has not stopped by to see it.

The complaint about Mac usage is annoying. The campus is littered with Mac computers and the Technology Building is all but 10 to 15 minutes from any location on campus. Last time I checked, Bowling Green is not some booming metropolis that makes students cross vast distances and take a ridiculous amount of time out of their day. And besides, it gives students time to come up with some great ideas on their way there; I mean, walking helps clear the mind.

The next time Hartman decides to attack our facility, he should come see us first. See what we do and what we offer to students on this campus. Not only do we teach students how to use programs, but we also have a laptop loan program that allows students to use a University computer for the entire school year. The program is based on financial aid status and costs the students nothing. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

Also, this center helps host the Falcon Film festival in the Fall with other ITS departments and other campus organizations.

This center offers much to the students of this campus and also to faculty. As we work with instructors closely to teach workshops, we also help faculty members and graduate assistants with Blackboard support.

When located in Saddlemire, StudentTech used to rent out digital equipment. This ranges from digital still cameras, video cameras, lighting kits and external hard drives for class projects. ITS now covers that area and will rent equipment out for class projects.

I hope I have established some enlightenment about the Student Technology Center, which offers more than enough technology for the students on this campus.

Kyle Volenik is a senior majoring in journalism. Send responses to his column to [email protected]