Q’A with The Iry

First off, who are The Iry names (for people who still need to experience your music)?

Jordan: As far as people go, The Iry is Stefan Schwartz (vocals, piano), Greg Hughes (guitar), Chris Williams (bass), and me, Jordan Lothes (drums).

Stefan: Our sound is a mixture of genres because we all listen to different things. Our music is pretty diverse for the listeners.

Do you guys have any musical role-models?

Greg: I don’t have a music god to compare our sound too, but I listen to anything from Radiohead to the Dandy Warhols. Anything but country.

I hear you’ve been working on your second self-produced album. Tell me, what can fans and new listeners anticipate from The Iry in the near future?

Jordan: We spent all of August recording the new album in Raleigh, N.C., with our producer, Ted Conerford. All the stuff we make comes back to us, so it takes a long time to make. As far as our sound goes, it’s been two years since we recorded the last album, so we definitely have a more mature sound.

Greg: We don’t have an official name or date for the album yet. We’re in the art phase right now, which is one of the weirdest phases.

Are any of you personally excited about any particular new song or lyric?

Jordan: I’m excited to hear the album all together as a whole. We can’t really get a feel for any of the new stuff we’ve been playing since the beginning of the summer until we hear it as a final product.

Your MySpace site has a ton of tour dates posted. In the next few months you get to travel around Ohio, Indiana and even New York. What does the band like most about touring?

Chris: Every time we go somewhere to play, it’s an adventure. It’s fun to see what will happen. We were in Indiana last week searching forever for a Wal-Mart. Nothing ever seems to go right when we’re in Indiana.

Jordan: The rest of us like the way Greg loves driving 60 mph on the highway. We’re late to every gig he takes us to.

Greg: It’s better to drive safe!

Last month you played at Nate and Wally’s Fishbowl; tomorrow’s your performance at Doyt Perry Stadium. What keeps you coming back to Bowling Green?

Greg: The T’s. Every time we play a school there, they give us free T-shirts.

Jordan: Yeah, I’m wearing one right now. But also, that crowd up there keeps us coming back. Whether it’s a school show or a show at the bar, it’s always a real receptive crowd.

Stefan: The people there are great and welcoming.