Bowling Green DMB fans rank 22nd place

Ryan Sullivan and Ryan Sullivan

Dave Matthews Band first busted onto the music scene when they released their first major studio album, “Under the Table and Dreaming,” in 1994. Now, they may be bursting down the doors of the Doyt Perry Stadium thanks to a contest the University is participating in.

The contest, being sponsored by AT’T Blue Room, is for university students and Dave Matthews Band fans from around the country.

The rules for the contest are simple: Whichever of the 119 eligible Division 1A schools receives the highest percentage of votes per students enrolled will win a free Dave Matthews Band concert. As of publication, Bowling Green has been as high as 8th place and is currently listed in 22nd.

The University Activities Organization is taking more of a grassroots approach to this opportunity. Freshman Drew Campbell, a UAO director, said the main way they are getting the word out about this contest is by word of mouth and mass e-mail.

Another approach being taken by more and more students now is the social networking site, Facebook. There are currently four Facebook groups devoted to Bowling Green winning this contest. Dave Matthews enthusiast and former student, Jonathan Fiscus, is creator of the largest group devoted to this cause.

“Lately, [DMB] have been doing more to give back to the fans,” Fiscus said. “To have your favorite band playing in your backyard is an amazing opportunity.”

There are five different ways for students to submit their votes.

The quickest way is to text your vote to 959 and typing DMB in the message. The only problem with this method is that it is only open to AT’T mobile customers.

Other submission methods, however, are open to anybody and all of them are free. You can register at and send a video, audio message, picture, or a short eMessage. These submission methods are open to anybody and students are able to vote up to 50 times a day.

There are also separate prizes awarded to people for such things as best message, funniest picture and most original video.

There are some University students who aren’t as enthusiastic as Fiscus. Senior Chris Marcum said he saw the Facebook group but didn’t join. He said if they did come, he would attend, but he isn’t going to participate in the voting.

Graduate student James Lautzenheiser, a self-proclaimed DMB fan, is so excited about this opportunity that he said he votes multiple times a day.

“Dave Matthews fits the Midwestern attitude of this campus,” Lautzenheiser said. “His politics also match the atmosphere of BG.”

UAO Vice-president Elyse Anaszewicz said the concert has been approved by University officials and if the University does in fact win, UAO will be responsible for running the show.

Voting for the contest ends on October 15 at midnight.