Internships prepare students for the real world

Most students know what job they’d like by the time they graduate, but to get that job they often need some experience outside of class.

Whether they work at Walt Disney World or at General Electric, the experience they gain could be the difference in landing a job.

The value of an internship can be far-reaching, said Andrea Gutierrez, assistant director at the Career Center.

Students who complete an internship can enhance their demeanor, confidence and the ability to work with a diverse group of people, she said.

And of course, an internship can help students when they are applying for a job, even if it isn’t required to graduate.

“Any work experience in your field looks fantastic on your resume,” Gutierrez said.

While internships are required for some students at the University, any internship completed by a student can have an impact.

Sue Young, assistant director at the Career Center, said internships provide students with an opportunity to gain experience for their future jobs.

“A student is more likely to fit with their company because you’ve tested it out,” Young said.

Internships also provide the ability to impress a potential employer, she said.

“Students who do internships learn it’s who you know,” Young said.

Such was the case for Megan Centers, a junior majoring in marketing, who interned at the marketing office at Cedar Point.

Centers, who found the job through the Career Center, believed the hours put in were worth the experience she gained.

“Cedar Point has opportunities for advancement and transferring to other areas of the country, so it made the summer very rewarding,” Centers said.