Stressed yet?

Melissa Measor and Melissa Measor

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that we are in our fourth week of classes this semester? It seems to me that school just started! I can still picture freshmen running around trying to figure out which building is which, hoping that they are in Hanna Hall when they’re actually in Moseley. I can still remember the feeling of starting this semester as a “first year” senior, casually strolling from class to class, completely adjusted to my surroundings and knowing that I am one of the “old ones” on campus. It really is a great feeling! But now that it’s the fourth week of school, that feeling has started to fade and another familiar emotion is peaking through. Yes, that’s right. Stress. It is hard to fathom that I am truly that busy to the point of being overwhelmed already. Do you want to know what the sad thing is? This has been going on for a few weeks now! And to think that I hold a constant belief that I never have enough to do. I have a hunch that my schedule will finally catch up to my thought processes. Considering I had to return back to my apartment this morning simply because I forgot to wear a bra, I think my hunch is right. Okay, now that I went into a little too much depth with you all, why don’t I tell you a bit about myself. Not only am I a senior, but an education major also. So of course I am predestined to be completely overwhelmed this year with methods, Praxis, teaching this and students that. Luckily, I am not student teaching until the fall, so my class load is pretty light. In fact, my classes and homework is the calmest aspect of my semester. I am one of those crazy people that prefer to have a million different things on their plate in order to constantly be doing something rather than be stuck bored out of my mind. However, at the moment, a little boredom sounds nice. According to my schedule, I think I can be bored this coming Sunday. One of the unusual things that I have noticed lately is the fact that I am not in this alone. Stress and anxiety have begun to plague our campus, causing even the most calm, on-the-ball students to crack. As I sit here in the library, typing away on my computer, I hear the sounds of group projects consulting one another on topics that seem foreign to me. I also hear the sounds of others pounding on their key board as if their words won’t mean the same unless they put some emphasis into it. Is that stress? Might be. Or maybe it’s the fact that they look like they didn’t sleep much last night and are working on something important at the last minute. Something else that has become more apparent to me recently is the never ending amount of work that teachers enjoy giving us students. I am aware of the importance of our class work and the content that we need to understand and acquire, but at times it gets extremely difficult when we have five classes at once that demand an equal amount of attention. From my own personal experience, sometimes I have to choose which homework holds a higher significance than the others in order to get it done. I work two jobs and due to my ten hour work day on Sunday, I had to make a choice: homework or sleep. Of course you all know which one I chose. This past Monday night while out to get a tasty snack with my sorority, I noticed one of my lovely sisters doing homework while also socializing with friends. The juggling between class assignments, sleep and enjoying time out with friends seems to be a commonality among college students. In my constant struggle to find a balance between all that is taking place in my life right now, I have found a few things that help with the stress and tension. Working out is a great way to blast away any unwanted stress. Currently, my favorite class right now is Water Aerobics because it allows me relax yet work out at the same time. The water is refreshing and I don’t leave with completely sore muscles. Another stress-fighter that I enjoy is simply to take a walk, listen to some music and let your self drift away from all of life’s demands. Or even better, why don’t you kick back and watch TV? Just don’t let it overtake your day and keep on top of your work. But just remember: 22 days until Fall Break!! Oh wait” I’ll be working.

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