Asking for proof of God is arrogant, foolish

Theology is a meta-science that transcends the boundaries of the petrie dish we presume to call real life.

Atheists who demand proof for the existence of God are like blind men who deny the existence of light just because they cannot see it themselves. There is no way to satisfy their insistent and arrogant denial of what is abundantly self-evident to those with normal sight.

The existence of God is so obvious to us that having to “prove” his existence to those with their eyes wide shut is as embarrassing as telling people they have spinach stuck to their teeth. How could they not see it? Do they also deny the existence of mirrors? It is presumptuous to assume that because we cannot personally measure something, it cannot therefore be real.

A thousand years ago, most men had no way to measure the distance from the Earth to the moon, but that didn’t change the reality of that distance by one inch. Eventually, the science caught up with the reality.

Who knows what God will reveal through science or circumstance a thousand years from now? The Bible calls him a fool who says in his heart that there is no God.

– John Randall, Pastor, Sugar Ridge Community Church Bowling Green