New courts are in session

Nate Parsons and Nate Parsons

The BGSU women’s tennis team will no longer have to worry about playing on courts that resemble the aftermath of an earthquake.

The cracks and uneven playing surface of the old courts will no longer be an issue, as eight new courts have been built between Steller Field and the softball complex.

“It’s a beautiful, well laid out facility that we are proud to play on,” Coach Penny Dean said.

Dean says the courts were built because BG finally had the money to afford them.

According to the BG athletic web site, the cost of the new courts was $352,000 and was constructed by Geddis Paving located in Toledo, Ohio.

Dean says the old courts have been around for roughly 50 years.

The new Keefe Courts won’t be available to the public to help maintain the courts better and keep them nice.

The new courts feature a Plexipave Color Finish System.

The Plexipave Color Finish System is an all-weather, durable, quick-drying color surfacer that provides superior resistance to deterioration from ultra-violet rays. Plexipave is a 100 percent acrylic latex, color intense sports surface formulated for use over asphalt and concrete.

The new courts also feature what is known as California corners.

The fencing comes out at an angle and forms a triangle, or California corner, which helps prevent the balls from going into the other courts.

The Falcons are excited and looking forward to playing on the new courts.

“The courts are really nice and our team is really lucky,” sophomore Samantha Kintzel said. “I get to play on them for three more years.”

“The two-two-two setup is nice,” senior captain Jenna Nussbaum said. “We can see all our teammates and their scores and it’s easy viewing for the fans.”

Coach Dean says the new courts will help bring in better opponents.

“We’ll be able to bring in better non-conference foes now that we have such a nice facility and will be able to host more tournaments,” Dean said.

Even though the new courts look great, they still aren’t 100 percent complete.

“We are looking forward to all the finishing touches [i.e. wind screens, new bleachers and signage],” Dean said. “They are coming, but just aren’t there yet, and the courts will look even better when all those are in place.”

The Falcons open their season this weekend on their new courts as they host the BGSU Invitational. Doubles-play will begin at 9 a.m. followed by singles.