South Park creators bring new show to Comedy Central: Kenny vs. Spenny

NEW YORK – The current kings of juvenile humor on Comedy Central, “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are pitching in to bring a series of silly competitions to the cable channel.

Comedy Central has acquired rights to a Canadian series, “Kenny vs. Spenny,” and fans Parker and Stone agreed to help produce new episodes.

The series essentially consists of two friends, Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice, who engage in all manner of silly competitions for bragging rights. Some of the challenges: Who can stay naked the longest? Who can sell more Bibles? Who do gay guys like more? Who can wear a dead octopus on their heads the longest?

An episode about which man could stay awake the longest – Spenny ate health food for help, Kenny (the winner) kept gobbling caffeine – caught Parker and Stone’s eyes as they were pulling all-nighters to finish the movie “Team America: World Police.”

“It touched our hearts because we had just gone through that,” Stone told The Associated Press yesterday.

Parker and Stone essentially gave Hotz and Rice advice on which ideas would work best and are lending their comedy cache.

“I’d like to make a joke about how we made them understand the differences between the Canadian and American senses of humor, but it was really just letting them make their own show,” Stone said.

Comedy Central has agreed to make 10 new episodes of the series and acquired 10 old ones.