Get to know these familiar faces around campus; they belong to some of the top University officials

Sidney Ribeau – University President and Professor

As president of the University, Ribeau attempts to make the lives of students better by getting students more involved in governing the institution. He also supports student affairs staff and programs. Ribeau also promotes healthy and open relationships between students and faculty. As president, he oversees the general operations of the University, from whole departments to the individual students’ interests.

Paula Whetsel-Ribeau – Assistant to Vice President for Student Affairs

Her main objective is to get students connected with the city or within the University. She is a resource for students who would like to become involved in the community and make worthwhile connections. Training the staff, working with faculty, meeting with student leaders and helping first-year students make an easy transition to university life are also some of her responsibilities. Whetsel-Ribeau is the wife of BGSU President Sidney Ribeau.

Linda Dobb – Executive Vice President and Professor

Dobb is in charge of operations, including University libraries, continuing and extended education, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Office of Equity and Diversity, the University’s public television station (WBGU-PBS), Northwest Ohio Educational Technology (NWOET) and human resources. She is also the Secretary to the University Board of Trustees.

Edward Whipple – Vice President of Student Affairs

One of his goals is to help all students succeed inside and outside the classroom. He oversees the progress of staff members in the Office of Vice President for Student Affairs in their quest to make students more aware and knowledgeable about new technologies, diversity and realization of close relationships within this learning community and in society as a whole. He creates the direction the Department of Student Affairs takes by setting certain priorities and standards to follow.

Shirley Baugher – Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost

Baugher, who joined the University in June, plans and organizes management at the University. One of her duties is welcoming new faculty and administrators. She also sets directions concerning an agenda and vision for the University to follow during the academic year.