Focusing on success

Each day, play like it was your last. Take care of business now. Those are two of the ideas new offensive coordinator Mick McCall has tried to drill into his players’ heads.

Jan. 19, 2007, McCall was promoted to the coordinator position after the departure of Greg Studrawa. He has been the quarterback coach for the last four years, and will continue to handle the signal callers this season along with the rest of the offense.

So far, the new job has been exciting.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” McCall said. “There’s a lot of excitement. It’s being in a new role and building new relationships.”

In 2006, the BGSU football team ranked near the bottom of the Mid-American Conference in passing offense, totaling 2,029 yards and 12 touchdowns.

The running game was solid, however, rushing for 2,120 yards, 19 touchdowns and finishing behind only Northern Illinois in total rushing offense.

The focus of the 2007 season for the Falcons will be to make the whole offense consistent and effective. Focus is a key term for both the players and for McCall, who has a lot of multi-tasking to do.

“I’m still juggling and coaching the quarterbacks, and my focus has to open up,” McCall said. “I need to just refocus, get the players to have confidence in me and earn their respect. I have to do those daily.”

Respect and confidence in the offensive system from the players has been earned so far. Freddie Barnes, a current receiver who spent a considerable amount of time at quarterback in 2006, has a history with McCall.

“I’ve known him since I’ve been here,” Barnes said. “He’s still the same guy, fiery and passionate.”

McCall expects quite a bit from his players. He has three principles that he wants everyone on the offense to play by: Take care of the ball, don’t commit any turnovers and make big plays.

According to Barnes, McCall emphasizes taking care of the ball and striving to be perfect. Running back Chris Bullock said being consistent is also stressed.

The new offensive system has also gotten good reviews from the players.

“[The offense] is more spread out,” Bullock said. “There are a lot more running routes.”

“There’s more simplicity [in the offense],” Barnes said. “The whole offense is a lot simpler.”

Taking care of the ball, consistency and execution will be the goals of McCall and the re-focused Falcons offense in 2007. Along with the new, simpler game plan, Barnes recalled a saying that McCall frequently makes, and one that is easier to understand than to say.

“Make the defender defend what he’s defending,” Barnes said.