RSA balances comfort, rules

The Resident Student Association works hard to make students comfortable while living in residence halls on campus, but also maintains strict regulations about items permitted in dorms.

The RSA mission statement says, “The purpose of this organization is to provide a voice for resident students, to improve the quality of life on campus, to promote unity and community among University housing units and to promote diversity and awareness for all resident students of Bowling Green State University.”

Regulations to help improve on-campus living can be found in the student handbook.

As of this year, no real changes have been made in what students are permitted to have in their dorms, said RSA President Ryan Gardner.

Gardner explained students can approach the RSA with questions.

“If students feel that something is unfair they can always come to RSA by going onto and type in any problem they may have,” he said.

Jenny Ewing, director of programming, said one common misconception students have is that they “are allowed to have coffee makers as long as it does not have a heating plate.”

Some students feel the RSA’s rules make for a safer living environment.

“I think the rules are legit because someone could easily burn something,” MacDonald resident Martina Chatman said.

Students are also restricted from using any form of drinking paraphernalia.

“Basically, don’t bring anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see,” Ewing said.

Other news regarding the RSA involves its plans for the upcoming year.

“Our big goal at the moment is actually updating our movie channels and possibly making one MTVu, and two are also being changed to digital media players, which will allow more movies and better quality on the channels for the future,” Gardner said.

Gardner also discussed the many opportunities for students to be entertained on campus.

“During the year we host a couple of leadership retreats and also help with leadership academy as well as our annual programs such as Halloween Fun Fest and Sibs ‘N’ Kids Carnival,” Gardner said.

The RSA meets at 7:30 on Tuesday nights in room 207 of the Union. Concerns, questions and comments can be addressed at these meetings, and everyone is welcome to attend.