Our job is to report objectively

Whether you’re in lecture, drinking your morning coffee or sitting on your porcelain throne, you need a stellar sports page to read. As the sports editor of The BG News, it’s my job to provide that for you.

Our sports staff will be doing its best to give a fair assessment of how the school’s teams are performing in the upcoming season.

That said, we are not cheerleaders. Our job is to watch the games and report what happens.

While we are students at BGSU and do support its athletic programs, we’re trying to prepare for the real world in our profession. In the real world, writers don’t sugar coat what happens to the team they cover. Neither do photographers.

At the end of the day, there are two ways to look at something.

Fans tend to take a subjective approach. They think their team is better than it is most of the time.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I hail from Cleveland. That is the birthplace of unintelligent subjectivity.

But journalists aren’t supposed to be fans or cheerleaders. We’re trained to take an objective approach to our writing.

When the Falcons lose to a bad team or play badly, we write about it. It’s our job to do that. It’s only fair to the readers.

We also get bad feedback when we report about athletes’ legal troubles.

Trust me, we’re just as disappointed as anyone else when a star athlete is arrested. But when something happens that will affect the team, we need to report on it. That’s journalism.

Coaches, players and the athletic department know this. And believe me, they’ll let us know if something doesn’t seem fair, and we’ll always listen.

We’re going to do our best this school year to give you intriguing stories, fun facts and let you know the low-down on all your favorite teams on campus.

As a campus publication, we want to give you material that you can’t get elsewhere.

BGSU is a “mid-major” from an athletic standpoint, but there are still some great athletes who attend this school. They all come from different parts of the country and the world. We want to help you learn more about them.

That’s our goal.