It’s called ‘forum,’ and we mean it – tell us what you’re thinking

Why hello, dear freshman reader.We’re going to be seeing a lot of each other throughout the school year, so I thought I’d take this first meeting to tell you something important: Every day, for the next nine months, this is your space to say what you want – and have people listen.

This page is yours.

Not just the actual newspaper you’re holding right now. I mean students, faculty, staff, administration, even people who live in the city of Bowling Green itself – they all read The BG News. Nobody covers the campus as closely as we do.

You, as newcomers, have something to cherish: a new perspective.

Those of us who have been at the University for a year or two now are bound to start missing things here and there, becoming accustomed to routines.

But you’re going to be experiencing a lot for the first time, quickly, and we want to know what’s on your mind.

How are your classes? What do you think of your on-campus food? What do you wish your RAs were doing? What could be happening on campus to improve your education?

For that matter, what do you think of our work at The BG News? What should we be talking about?

All of those questions, and practically any other ones you want to ask, are fair game on the opinion page.

It doesn’t even have to be about a local issue – part of coming to college is expanding your mind, right?

So expand people’s minds! Got something interesting to say about what Gov. Strickland is doing? How about what the U.S. Congress is up to? Or the United Nations?

Now’s your chance to have a dialogue about those issues with the diverse group of people who read this newspaper every day.

You’re going to see opinions here from a group of students who, like you, have a watchful eye on this campus, the nation and the world at large. What do you think of what they have to say?

Talk to us. Write to us. Create a conversation on the campus.

Stop by our newsroom at 210 West Hall. You can ask for me directly if you want, or talk to any one of our editors.

Don’t want to stop in? Give us a call at (419) 372-6966, then put us in your cell phone contacts list.

Don’t want to call? E-mail us at [email protected] and every editor here will get your message.

Not near a computer? Pick up one of our comment forms when you grab a copy of the paper in Olscamp Hall or the Union. You can fill out the form on the spot and drop it off in our box at the Union Information Desk.

We make it easy – all you have to do is speak your mind.

“But what if I usually don’t care about that kind of stuff?” you say.

So what? Start now. As I said, college is the time and place to start creating those habits you want to last a lifetime.

Being involved, interested and passionate about your campus and your world is a great place to start.