Goodness, gracious, great balls

When someone gets a bright idea for a movie these days it’s often times not that bright at all. Sometimes it’s true that some people just shouldn’t make movies. Consider this – the creators of “Reno 911” got the idea to combine martial arts, male sex slaves, explosions, throwaway one-liners and scantily clad women with the underground sport of pingpong.

As ambiguous as it sounds, the new comedy “Balls of Fury” is nothing more than a B-grade movie with an A-grade green light. What has happened to valuable content in film making these days?

If you’ve seen the trailers for “Balls of Fury,” you probably noticed something was amiss. The story follows an unlikely main character through the underworld of pingpong tournaments to uncover a deadly mob boss for the FBI.

With similar comedies like Will Ferrell’s “Blades of Glory” making its way to DVD, you’d think you would get some sort of humor out of an hour and half of a quickly forgettable concept.

Not quite. The only edge that films like “Talladega Nights” has over “Balls of Fury” is an appropriate sense of star power. “Balls of Fury” has Dan Fogell in the lead role, who looks more like a replacement for the highly priced Jack Black. Christopher Walken does make an appearance, but it isn’t until halfway through the movie when his presence is anything but memorable.

As we watch the entire cast mutilate Def Leppard lyrics through the credits, it seemed like everyone involved had fun making this movie, but what happened to making movies that are fun for the audience as well?

You’ll spend more time thinking about how ridiculous this movie is than remembering what made you laugh or even if you laughed at all. You’re better off finding your own use for a pingpong ball. Even finding value in that is hard enough.