USG leaders set goals for student, faculty communication

Kristen Vasas and Kristen Vasas

The start of the new school year brings many new changes and opportunities, and the same holds true for the Undergraduate Student Government.

Under the new leadership of President Johnnie Lewis and Vice President Nick Gamero, the USG plans to focus on ‘innovation and dedication within the community of Bowling Green,’ Lewis said.

‘One of our many goals this year is to have a more informed student body,’ he said. ‘College has become a place to grow, and in order for this to happen at BGSU, it is important that [the students] are involved with the USG.’

Gamero also sees communication with the students and administration as a central goal for this year.

‘Communication is our philosophy,’ Gamero said. ‘We want to know the administration on a personal level [and] we want to be visible to the students.’

Along with helping freshmen during move-in days, Gamero and Lewis also plan to spend time in the Union to become more acquainted with University students.

Jeremy Lehman, the USG speaker for the 2007-2008 academic year, also stressed the importance of increased communication between the USG and the students at the University.

‘The USG plans on improving communications with the school and the students this year,’ Lehman said. ‘We will do everything possible in order to reach out to the students and let them know who is representing them.’

In order to do so, the organization has created an improved and more navigable Web site and is working on more ideas that will help expand new avenues for communication.

According to Lehman, the USG also plans to work more closely with other organizations that need help.

‘Although we don’t have much, we plan on working with the money that we have and helping other student organizations that need it,’ Lehman said.

But for the University to benefit from the USG, Lehman stressed the need for students to come and discuss any problems they may have with members of the organization.

‘We want to be approachable,’ Lehman said of the USG’s quest to know the students. ‘Come to the office and hang out with us. Don’t be afraid to let us know when there is something you want fixed.’

Lewis also plans to focus time and effort toward working with other colleges.

‘There is a new organization called the Ohio Student Government Association which the USG will become involved with [this year],’ Lewis said. ‘We will be meeting and working with other student governments from universities across the state of Ohio to ensure that students’ college experiences are the best that they can be.’

Jill Carr, the dean of students and assistant vice president for the Division of Student Affairs, said she feels Lewis and Gamero will do just that.

‘They are doing an excellent job so far,’ she said. ‘This is a crucial time of year for the USG with new students moving onto campus, and as long as they put themselves out there [to the students and the administration], I believe they will be able to put their plans into action.’

Although both Lewis and Gamero say they feel it will be challenging to meet both the needs of the administration and the students, they promise neither will be forgotten during the course of the year.

‘We are a student-run government, but we need to be able to work with the administration in order for things to run smoothly,’ Lewis said. ‘We are here to stand for the students. Who better to represent the students than students?’