Should I take classes online or traditionally?’ Pros and cons for each

Online education at University of Liverpool

+ Extraordinarily flexible hours, designed to fit your schedule

+/- Can be very expensive, with such intensively designed programs to educate students in as little time as possible, and in a digital environment, prices can be more expensive. Some other digital schools are in fact cheaper than normal, but the value of the education is less.

+ No need to travel to class

– Do not meet the members of your class as much as within a traditional classroom

+/- All discussion done through graded discussion boards. Good for people who are shy or don’t like to attend class, bad for people who dislike writing and discussion. Punished for being the “quiet” kid as opposed to a normal classroom where you can get points just for showing up. However, also allows people to be more open and vocal about issues, leading to deep discussions.

– Office hours are hard to find

+ Independent thinking and worth ethic required. No one is going to motivate you, which usually ends up in the student tending to learn more

Traditional education at Bowling Green State University

– Least flexible hours. You have to adjust your schedule to fit the times classes are offered. Classes are limited by what time and what day they are offered

– Is one of the cheapest colleges by being a state university, but still expensive

– Must travel to classes or lose attendance points, or miss information

+ Many opportunities to meet fellow students, bond, and meet people of similar interests, as opposed to the digital environment which is more of a focus on the individual, as opposed to a focus on the class as a whole

+ Great environment for discussion and interactions, and do not need to participate in every conversation as long as you attend and get the information given by the instructor.

+ Teacher always have abundant office hours and most are willing to help students

– Very easy to just “be a body” in class and not learn anything. Without forced discussion classes can sometimes turn into repetitious lectures.