Leaving Iraq now means losing Iraq

Sarah Barnes and Sarah Barnes

After 9/11, Americans were in shock while watching the horrifying images played on every news station in the country.

Thousands were personally involved when they lost loved ones, while millions were left to wonder what had just occurred. Many wanted nothing more than to catch the terrorists who inflicted so much pain on this country, and prevent it from ever happening again.

But when President Bush ordered more troops to the Middle East, most of America was in disagreement.

President Bush addressed the nation last week, announcing the deployment of over 20,000 more troops to Iraq. The violence among Iraqi citizens is causing the newly established government to fall apart and is completely destroying America’s strategy to pull its troops out.

There are protestors around the country who are upset, thinking we have been overseas too long. If we leave a war zone before our job is finished, we will be known as quitters, and America is stronger than that.

In a recent showing of “Face the Nation,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke about a possible request for a $100 billion emergency budget for Iraq and Afghanistan. She gave the hint that the Democrats would deny this request if President Bush sent more troops overseas.

Bush took part in the Iraq Study Group, and after countless hours of deliberation, still believes we should stay in Iraq to get the job finished. I have faith in my president, and in this cause. Actions against our cause in Iraq are going to bring down the wall of defense we have taken so long to build back up.

There have even been protests against our troops in Iraq, where people have given soilders horrible labels like “murderers.” This is not Vietnam; there is no draft, and all our troops have volunteered. The biggest misconception is when people believe our troops were forced into duty, or manipulated to join the service by the government.

These brave souls have willingly gone into the armed forces and have left loved ones behind. It would not be fair to destroy what they have worked so hard to accomplish, just to satisfy the wants of protestors.

If our Commander-in-Chief didn’t believe staying in Iraq would enhance America’s security, he would not keep our military there. President Bush continues to back the troops in every effort they make in the Middle East, and he would not turn his back on them now.

Rather than constantly putting down the president of our country, why aren’t Americans considering the positive effects of the War on Terror? We are well on the way to stabilizing a country where terrorist regimes can be stopped from forming.

If sending over 20,000 more troops to Iraq means one more step in preventing another 9/11, then I completely back my president in every decision he makes. If this means having my military family members overseas for longer periods at a time, then I know they will serve their country with pride.

They will continue to support all efforts to keep you safe, even if you continue to not support them.

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