“Children of men”

Universal Pictures

Grade: A+

What joseph Thinks:

With December having come and gone, movie goers are usually left to sit through all of the left-over junk that was just good enough to be released. Fortunately it also means some of the better films will get a wide release for a majority of the public to see – “Children of Men” is one such movie.

“Children of Men” is set nearly thirty years in the future. Mankind has lost its ability to reproduce and as a result the world has gone to pieces. The main story focuses on an ex-activist (Clive Owen) who is asked to transport a pregnant girl to a group of scientists in order that she might lead to finding an answer to solving man’s problem.

Director Alfonso Cuarón (“Y Tu Mama Tambien”) paints a very bleak picture of the future that is very reminiscent of “Blade Runner.”

The feeling of the film is so real that one can feel exactly how it would be to live in the world that the movie is set in.

The overall quality of “Children of Men” is exceptional, and it results in being one of the best pictures of the year. Most of the credit goes to director Cuarón, who over the past decade has been emerging as one of the best directors in the world. His quality shows here with what is possibly the best job by any director this year, and will surely be recognized come Oscar time.

“Children of Men” is one of the all around best and most entertaining films of the year that has everything for moviegoers to enjoy – action, drama, and even a little humor. With hardly any decent new movies coming out over the next month or so, it’s a good thing that a movie such as this is getting the nationwide release that it deserves.

Dave Herrera